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Constant voltage 12Vdc 30W LED Driver for lighting VB-12030D018 tauras

  • Model NO.:VB-12030D018
  • Minimum Order:10 piece
  • Certification:CE,CE/EMC

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Product Details

Model VB-12030D018

Detail Description



  Constant voltage LED Driver




why choose 2013-5-23






·Small size,High efficiency,High reliability,Long lifetime;

·IP66 rating;

·Working temperature -25~+40°C

·Protection:Overload,Short-circuit pratection,Over-temperature;

·Typical efficiency:84%

·Low standby power,min to 0.3W;

·Start delay design,which can reduce the starting current when multiple simulatance start;

·KC,IP66 certifide,ROHS compliant;

·Low output ripple moises.





Detailed Product Description


Item No.


Input Voltage


Output Voltage


Output Current


Output Power


Power type

Constant Voltage






High reliability



Strong point

High reliability and Low price







Protected functions

Short circuit/Over voltage/Over temperature


2 years warranty


Europe&Australia&American and Others









*Office lighting, Artwork lighting, Display case

*Home lighting

*Commercial lighting, such as Down light, Underground lamp, Panel light, Spotlight, Wall washer, etc.

*Hotel, Restaurant lighting

*Other public lighting





Important Parameter 


Store Temperature: -25~75°C

Working Temperature: -25~40°C

Work environment: Indoor or outdoor installations

Waterproof Rating: IP66












Carton size: 325*260*270mm 



Dimension of inter box




Dimension of outer carton








1,The first factory entered the waterproof LED Power Supply in China mainland;


2,10 years focus on the LED Power Supply Research and development, Production;


3,Serviced 2,500 customers, including 2000 in China mainland, 500 in overseas markets all over the world; 


4,High reliability and good stability, for many kinds of large-scale outdoor lighting project, through the use of test from 2500 customers;


5,LED Power Supply is the heart of the LED lamps and transformers is the core component of LED Power Supply. For control the quality, we made the transformer by our own factory, this also for the power supply is stable and reliable;


6,Complete certification, UL, SAA, EMC etc., Small factory often lack of this;


7,Electrolytic capacitors and other components are made of giant brand, high-end products with Ruby etc.


8,After-sale guaranteed, real integrity transactions, 1:1 replace the faulty item, but many small factory often irresponsible when face the quality problem, even precarious;


9,Strictly process control, Power supply enter the door is low, but do well is not much, do not do well, even though the same techniques, the same material, do all the things we are not the same, because process control are not the same, Equipment is not the same;


10,Strong r&d team, r&d team has more than 30 people;


11,Flexible and fast delivery, bulk orders usually delivery within two weeks, General small batch orders can be arranged delivery within 3 days if have semi-finished products in stock;


12,Compare with MeanWell, we have the advantages of ODM, OEM, quality unchanged and have competitive price.


















Selling well Products






Conditions of use


1.Operating environment and storage conditions

    (1) If using outdoor, the appropriate temperature should be of -25°C ~+40°C, with the relative humidity not more than 98%

   (2) If using indoor, the appropriate temperature should be of -25°C ~+50°C, with the relative humidity not more than 80%

   (3) If storing the product, the appropriate temperature should be of -25°C ~+75°C, with the relative humidity not more than 80%


2.Three principles for installation:

   (1) The voltage of the electric grid in use must be ensured to be within the operating 10% voltage scope specified by the power source; for instance: if the nominal input voltage is 200V~240V, it is required to connect the power source with the electric grid with the voltage not less than 180V or higher than 264V.

  (2) Never use in the unexpected load, for instance overload or extreme underload or etc.

  (3) Install the product in an environment and a way facilitating for the power source for heat dissipation:

      A. Never install the power source in a hot environment;

         B. Ensure the power source to radiate heat in three ways of heat transfer:

             a. Expose it in moving air;

             b. Leave the heat radiation space as large as possible;

             c. Install it in a metal plate with large area and make it contact well to radiate heat through the metal plate.


3. Please operate strictly according to the Product Operating Instructions. Do not directly use the products in harsh environments (such as:PH larger areas or in water use)





Installation and service 


If product quality problems occur within the warranty period, free replacement of the same type of product or repaired bad product. 


Please always remember we can produce custom-made product according to your needs. 

Welcome to your inquiry!


Carton Size L:32.5CM, W:26CM, H:27CM
Quantity/Carton 50 piecepiece
Weight 0.0kg/piece

Trade Info

Target Market North America ,Australia ,Southeast Asia ,East Europe ,Africa ,Hong Kong ,Macao ,Taiwan ,Latin America ,Japan & Korea ,West Europe ,Middle East & South Asia ,Mainland China
OEM Experience 16years
Delivery Time 3 daysdays
FOB Port Zhuhai
Minimum Order 10 piece
Monthly Production 130000 piecespiece
Warranty Period 36 monthsmonths
Payment Terms L/C ,T/T ,Western Union ,Money Order ,Pay Pal ,Other